A.R.M - Adams Roof Management

R Adams Roofing analyzes the roof to determine areas for roofing or waterproofing repair.
  • Planned repairs

  • Leak repairs

  • Emergency service

  • Preventative maintenance

    • Roof Survey and Inspection

      • Our analyst will thoroughly examine your roof to include a complete evaluation of all roof system components.
      • We will also remove unwanted vegetation, trash and debris from roof surfaces, as well as clear the roof drainage system.

    • Infrared Thermographic Roof Moisture Survey

      • This service is available to assist in isolating and defining any areas of moisture in the roof system.
      • Our infrared camera can superimpose an infrared section over a digital image of the area being inspected, simplifying reference and location.
      • This non-destructive testing can allow problems to be identified before the roof system manufacturer’s warranty expires, so some, or all of the costs can be covered under the warranty.

    • Roof System Inspection Report

      • Upon completion of the surveys, A.R.M. analysts will provide you with a detailed roof system inspection report, including a roof plan drawing, a multiple-point roof inspection review, plus photographs. We will recommend corrective action regarding any repairs that may be necessary and assist in preparation of a 5 year repair and/or replacement budget.

    • Adams Roof Management A.R.M. Database

      • All roof system inspection and maintenance information is integrated into a computer database for easy retrieval and use through your own password protected customer portal.
      • Roof plans, rooftop equipment, roof penetrations, roof system composition, deck type, warranty, manufacturer of record, roof contractor of record, repairs required, 5 year repair/replacement budgets, roof rating, maintenance budget projections with prioritized plan and photographs are all placed within your database.

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